Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy flutterings!!

Just a little note to say I'm sorry that I haven't had a chance to visit all your wonderful, fluttering creations. One of my "things" that I set for myself with this challenge is to visit each participant. Sigh.
I've had a horrible, horrible headache since yesterday and I just haven't felt up to finishing my commenting rounds.
Again, I'm sorry, I know it's really not that big of a deal but it is to me....
See you tomorrow for some more fluttering happiness!!


pinky said...

You poor thing Danni, get well soon hun.

sassyb07 said...

headaches are a real nuisance and can take you down so not to worry. I hope it goes away and that you're feeling better soon, take care
hugs, Valerie

Gina said...

Maybe your headache is because of all the time you've been spending on the puter. Try not to spend more than 45mins at a time without a break. And by break I mean get up and walk away from the monitor! Hope your feeling better soon :D XXX

Ms. Jen said...

Don't you fret yourself Danni! You faithfully visit us all and it's much appreciated but things come up and we all understand. Take care of yourself sweetie! I sure hope you feel better soon.

Hugs - Jen