Friday, October 29, 2010

Time to flutter with the Flutter By Team!

I must say that I am feeling rather "gushy" today so bear with me on this post..hehe!

Some fabulous flutterings from the Flutter By Team~~

First I wanted to send some healing vibes to team leader, Michelle, who has been under the weather for almost a month now and just can't shake it! Get better or we'll have to send the pixie fairies after you with their pixie dust!

Seriously though, I wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to Michelle. She really puts up with alot from me..crazy phone calls, zillions of emails and all in all, she just acts like I'm normal..hehe! She is really the backbone of this challenge by helping to help me sort out my zillion of ideas and what not.

Next I wanted to extend a huge thank you to our October Guest Designer, Kaylou! Thank you for fluttering with us this month!! Isn't this card just gorgeous with all it's sparkle!!

Moving on to team member, Harriet. Harriet has been part of the team for quite awhile now. I just {heart} her clean and simple style. So classy!! Check out this week's beauty of a card she created~

Next up we have our newest team member, Jen. While she has just joined our team, she is no stranger to our challenge. What an inspiration she is to me--not only does she create beautiful cards, she has her own line of stamps- The Wild Flower Patch- and on top of that she's teacher! Wow!  She is super sweet too! Here's her fabulous creation for this week~

Moving on to talented team member, Jodi! She has also been with the team for a while. Her talent shines through on every creation she makes! It's very easy to get lost on her blog for a while viewing the wonderful creations! Here's her amazing card for the week~

Nancy has also been with the team for a while. She is one of the sweetest people I've "met" online. Her genuine concern for others is so outstanding. On top of that, she makes some of the brightest, happiest cards! I always love to see what she's come up with! Here's her fun card for the week~

Team member, Kimberly, is one person who has touched my heart. No matter what she is going through, she is always there to check on you, to make sure you are okay. I'm happy to say that we have become  friends and I am so happy to have her on the team. Her cards always have a sense of elegance to them, always so pretty. Here's her card for the week~ (and I must admit I am loving all these black butterflies this week--fun to see the purple pearls on this one too)

That brings us to Michelle VP. Another oh so sweet person! Although I am just getting to know her, she is just so kind, so considerate and everytime we email, I always end up smiling! On top of that she also creates some wonderful cards!! Check out this stunning creation for this week-wow!

I feel so truly blessed with such an amazing team!! Please be sure to visit their blogs and leave them some love!!

One last card, here's my card for the week--

Happy Fluttering and can't wait to see what you create this week!!